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Room for rent - $650

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Oct. 30th, 2007 | 09:42 pm
posted by: rosegold_ruby in langara

Due to happy bliss on her part, my roomie is moving in with her boyfriend December 1st.

The house stats:
-across from Langara College
-hardwood floors
-fireplace in living room
-finished attic for storage
-garage for storage
-tile in kitchen and bathroom
-two parking spaces
-fenced back porch
-decent sized yard
-YMCA across the street (gym and pool)
-in front of bus stop #49
-between main and cambie

Room for Rent Stats:
-very large semi walk in closet
-two entrances
-main floor
-hardwood floor

About me:
-24 year old female pastry chef in a long term relationship
-love to crochet, play video games, go camping, watch bad 80's movies
-I have two cats named Willow and Elora

What I'm looking for:
-Female room mate
-willing to hang out sometimes but do your own thing most of the time
-no racists or homophobs.
-japanese speaker muchly prefered as I am learning and need practice

Rent includes internet cable
Please feel free to email with any questions.

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